Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chairith and Bryan Engagement

It was sketchy if we were going to beat the rain for this morning's engagement session but luckily it held off long enough to get some fantastic images of Chairith and Bryan. You look great guys! Thanks for sharing your morning with me.


Amity and Matt Roth Wedding

What a striking couple! Amity and Matt had a storybook wedding last night at the Tower Club with a too cool cake by Celebrations by Sonja! Jordan Valley Park played host to a fun photo session before the wedding (thanks to Matt and Amity for seeing each other before)! We scoped out a tent in the park where they got their private time seeing each other before the wedding. More pix of that moment to follow. Have a great time in Hawaii guys -- see you when you get back.


Sarah and Travis Young Wedding

Wow! What a great day! Sarah and Travis had a very special day May 24th as they celebrated the Sacrament of Marriage at St. Joseph's right here in Springfield. We made an unbelievable number of photographs - 2,360. My shutter finger is still tired. It will take about four weeks to finish the pictures, but here are a few to get you excited for more to come.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Newest Destination Wedding!

Cari and Phillip have commissioned us to for their fabulous Tulsa, Oklahoma wedding September 20th at the nationally renowned Gilcrease Museum . They are a charming couple and we had a fantastic time at their engagement session in downtown Carthage. Here are a few teaser pix.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kristy's Fantastic Maternity Session

The images Steve took at Kristy's maternity session in Ft. Worth are stunning and very creative. Enjoy! Maternity sessions are very fresh and popular with all the moms and dads. Give us a call to schedule yours today.

Rock'n Ribs - April 27, 2008

Rock'n Ribs was a huge hit. The BBQ was fabulous. A few pix to whet your whistle are below! Congratulations to the ANPAC team who placed in the ribs competition.

Harriger Appreciation - April 27

Congratulations to Jim and Mary Harriger for 15 years at the helm of Victory Mission changing lives and serving God. They were appreciated and roasted by friends and family at the Cook's Kettle. It was a treat to celebrate their work! There was news coverage by every television station and a fine write up in the News Leader the following day.

Victory Mission Graduation - April 18, 2008

Congratulations to the men who graduated April 18th from the Victory Mission Hospitality, PREP and 12/12 programs. Loads of hard work. Lots of changed lives.

I'll be exhibiting a 30 print series on the men of the Victory Mission at the Bellwether Gallery in the Monarch Art Factory (up from Randy Bacon's Studio) during the entire month of August. Plans are to show the exhibit in March, 2009 in conjunction with the Ron Hall/Denver Moore book tour for "Same Kind of Different as Me" which will feature a fundraiser for the Victory Mission. See you there!

Sgt. RC Blystone Funeral - May 2, 2008

Although I didn't know him, I felt compelled to pay my respects to Sgt. RC Blystone who was killed in action serving his third tour in Iraq on April 26, 2008. RC was warmly remembered today as a soldier who was a decorated combat veteran, receiving two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart who gave his life defending the freedoms he loved. He was remembered as loving husband, father and patriot. As Sgt. Ennis bugled under a deep blue sky, only the sound of the flags held by the Patriot Guard Riders cracking in the wind could be heard over the lonesome sound of Taps. It was very moving and serves as a reminder of the true cost of the freedoms that we enjoy.