Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planning Your Wedding at Work?

Hey brides - Did you plan your wedding at work? Post your comments and funny stories below!

90 percent of soon-to-be brides plan wedding at work
Planning a wedding is so time consuming that nearly nine out of 10 women surveyed confessed to using company time to plan the big day. The survey also revealed most women believe they did more wedding planning than their partner.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weddings Costs Up but Our Prices Steady

According to a recent survey by WeTV, in the first half of 2010 the average cost of a wedding increased 21.9% from $19,581 (2009) to $23,867. Click here for the report. 45 product and services saw gains in spending while 26 saw declines. Planner/Consultant A La Carte Services (up 84.2% at $1,171), Gift/s for the Bride (up 53.1% at $253), and Planner/Consultant For Getting Started (up 50.4% at $920) saw the biggest gain in spending. Other Jewelry (down 61.7% at $304), Reception Accessories (down 55.3% at $200), and Ceremony Accessories (down 49.7% at $207) saw the biggest decline in spending. The biggest difference was the increase in demand for products and services. 53 products and services saw gains in demand, 4 saw no change, while 13 saw declines. Other Travel/Transportation (up 178.6%), Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble (up 66.7%), and Other Jewelry (up 65.2%) saw the biggest gain in demand. Facial (down 15.2%), Manicure & Pedicure (down 8.4%), and Teeth Whitening (down 8.1%) saw the biggest decline in demand.

The good news is that Apple Studios has not increased prices during 2010. According to owner Craig Heidemann, "Just because there's inflation in the industry doesn't mean that our client's have more money to spend." To schedule a consultation or to receive an email copy of our 2010 packages, call the studio at 833-7751.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Julia Diller Senior Session

Julia came down from St. Charles for her Senior Session Sunday. We had a blast in the studio and at Jordan Valley Park. Now I can say I've had the pleasure of the senior pictures for both of the gorgeous Diller girls! Take a look at her video. Hope you enjoy.