Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WPPI - Wedding Photographer's Utopia!

Ann and I are back from the Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International (WPPI) convention at Bally's/Paris in Vegas. What a blast! Although there were 15,000 other high end wedding photographers there from around the world, we went out early to take in a few smaller, specialized seminars. We got to meet and learn from some ABSOLUTELY GREAT cutting edge wedding photographers like Clay Blackmore (DC), Doug Gordon (New York), Jim Garner (Washington State), Mike Colón (Hermosa Beach), Yervant (Australia), Jerry Ghiōnis (Australia), and the list goes on! It's such an honor to learn study with the BEST the wedding industry has to offer.

Well, we're back and hard at it. I've been busy with WPPI so we haven't gotten out the March newsletter to announce the WINNER! Hang in there. With any luck we'll get it out this week.

While I was out, my partner Steve did a 12 model makeup fashion shoot last Saturday that we were commissioned to do by Joplin makeup artist Leah Patterson - she's great. Steve and Owen are still recovering! What an effort on their part. Here's one of his images.

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