Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Victory Ride 2008

I drew a blank about what to post about this morning. Maybe you'll find these interesting (maybe not). I support Springfield Victory Mission and rode in the 2008 Victory Mission "Victory Ride" this year. I've been photographing for Victory Mission for almost two years now, documenting the various events and activities. The men are authentic and their stories are real. If you haven't been down to beakfast or lunch at their restaurant, the Cook's Kettle at Boonville and Commercial, I encourage you to go. The food is great and inexpensive. You get table service and you're supporting a very important endeavor. Check it out! The ride was great. We left Victory Mission and went out west to to Bois D'Arc and back down to Republic and back in to town. Chili was waiting! Art Bentley was the ride leader- you'll see him on his Triumph in front of the blue building. I particularly liked the picture of the Springfield MC/MM's talking - the Drifters, Gooses and Tribe of Judah. Let me know what you think!

Drifters, Gooses and Tribe of Judah (in alphabetical order).


Art Bentley

Jim Harriger

Old School Sportster Rider

Big Dog

They raised me up on a scissor lift for this one. I don't like heights!

Big Dog

Big Dog

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