Friday, July 29, 2011

1st Place Color at Ozark Empire Fair

Congratulations to my lovely wife Ann for her first place award at the Ozark Empire Fair in the color division. She made this picture responding to Joplin after the tornado with her insurance company, ANPAC. She shot this picture of an unknown man as he surveyed the damage to his Chinese restaurant. His head seems to rise above all of the wreckage and his face looks sad but determined. I love this shot! Good job Ann. Super proud of you! She also won third place color with another image she made on the same day while she was in Joplin. She really captured the mood of what was happening at the time. I was in Joplin last week, and despite the devastation and loss, the people I talked to are really positive and determined to rebuild. There's so much work that will have to be done over the next years, it's hard to imagine.

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